My SV Frame is an invention patented in Germany, United Kingdom, France and USA in 2018.


The picture can be mounted into the frame both from the front and the rear side and without any tools or screws.


You can see the function of the frame on You Tube as follows


(the shown embodiment of my frame is just one of many).


The remaining duration of my patent is 15 years.

Patent links:

Link to the European patents is

Patent no. 3091879.

Link to the U.S. patent is

Verify you are not a robot and write Patent Number 10,149,557.

My own paintings in my own SV Frames

Oil 50 x 50

Oil 50 x 50

Acryl 60 x 80

Small canvases and SV Frames


/Stig Vestergaard

CVR. 36215186

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Akrylmaleri 60 cm x 80 cm